A Destined game by James Oliver

Rogue Realms is an empire building game in which you place tiles to expand the world and build on those tiles to gather the resources you need. Rogue Realms features full 3D pixel world to explore from any angle. Explore new biomes and buildings to grow an empire to stand the test of time.

Embark on a quest to expand your horizons to every corner of the world and leave your mark on history. As your realm expands, you'll harness every resource at your disposal, create groundbreaking technologies, and erect towering monuments that will stand the test of time. But be warned: the clock is ticking, and time is your greatest adversary. The challenge awaits.

Rogue Realms is a game made from a love of empire expanding video game by a solo developer from Australia. Your feedback, advice, or a simple hello are always welcomed in my Discord community! Join anytime to share your thoughts, offer suggestions, or just to connect and be part of the journey!

Let's take a more detailed look

Embark on an adventure across boundless 3D pixel landscapes, where strategy-based puzzles await at every turn. With no time constraints, immerse yourself in gameplay tailored to your pace. Choose from a variety of races, each offering distinct playstyles, and hone your skillful placement and building techniques to attain top scores. Experience unparalleled replay value as each playthrough unveils a unique journey, enriched by a multitude of tile types and unlockable buildings through technological progression.


Expand your empire by strategically placing connected roads to reveal new tiles. Each tile uncovered will form important resources for you to grow your empire.


You're equipped with a finite number of road tiles at your disposal. As your cities flourish and quests are accomplished, your road tile inventory expands, offering greater avenues for expansion. Utilize the resources harvested from these tiles to foster city growth, but be mindful; a burgeoning population also entails increased resource consumption with each passing turn.


Discover a diverse array of biomes across the world, each brimming with distinct resources waiting to be exploited. From expansive deserts to frosty tundra, towering mountains to lush grasslands, and even barren wastelands, every biome offers its own riches to seize. Delve deeper, and you'll uncover special monuments hidden within each biome, promising unparalleled rewards and treasures waiting to be unearthed.


Although sporting a charming 2D pixel aesthetic, the entire world boasts full 3D immersion. Engage with your empire by seamlessly rotating, zooming, and panning to capture the ideal perspective and command your dominion with precision.


I would love to connect with press, streamers and youtubers who want to cover Rogue Realms. Drop me an email and we can discuss opportunities!

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